Smart cities and communities
Standardization to meet citizen and consumer requirements

Smart cities and communities <BR> Standardization to meet citizen and consumer requirements

Standardization and Citizen Issues

A new initiative
ETSI has recently started a new project within its Human Factors Technical Committee, to provide a Technical Report with recommendations giving an overview of existing and needed standardization relating to the requirements of inhabitants of or visitors to smart cities or communities.  

Our perception is that smart city standards efforts do not sufficiently factor in citizen needs including usability, accessibility, or data security. This is clearly counterproductive when trying to create efficient standards in the smart city context.  The team producing the Technical Report is embarking on a consultation exercise, and we need active input from all interested stakeholders including standards organizations, policy-makers and the cities themselves.

The standards challenge
The concept of integrating community infrastructures, technologies and services in a smart way embraces very many different standardization activities, from many different standards organizations.

Existing work so far is largely confined to standards activity within ISO (support for elements of management systems, common terminologies, common indicators, etc.) and strategic overviews in a number of SDOs (ISO, IEC, ITU-T, ETSI, ISO-IEC/JTC1). However, not only are these activities fragmented, but very few have been initiated with the citizen perspective in mind; they are generally driven by industrial requirements in terms of technologies or service provision.
An Open Consultation
We would like as many people as possible to complete our survey. We would like to cover a diverse selection of views, from every interested category of stakeholder, to ensure we can assess what citizens need, and how these needs can be met. Our Report will reflect the views expressed.

The survey has been launched in February.

Two awareness open meetings

The findings of the survey and the early synthesis of the team of experts will be discussed and refined during two on-line open public consultations.

The first
Awareness open meeting has taken place on 16 May 2019.

The second
meeting will take place on 16 September 2019.

A public discussion open meeting

When we have a complete draft of the Report, we’ll hold a public open meeting to present it and gather feedback, to help prepare our final version. This meeting will probably be held at the end of 2019 or early in 2020 – stand by for further details.
The Outcome
The ETSI Technical Report will take full account of all standards activities underway, will clarify whether further standardization is needed on citizen issues related to smart cities (e.g., what, where, when), and will support recommendations to be made at policy level.

We will put the draft report out for public comment when it is sufficiently mature, and we have taken account of all comments received.